Deal Killer

Deal Killer

Have you ever prepared for your workout but realized you had not done laundry, so you had no clean clothes or you could not find your tennis shoes?  Were you still motivated to go for the run after you did your laundry and found your shoes? Many of us would have lost interest due to the time delay.  The same concept applies to a deal.  Time kills deals when too much of it passes.  

Start with the end in mind. Every business owner should begin building their business with the idea of seeking investors or selling in the future, which means laying your due diligence foundation.   

Have at hand the due diligence essentials.  Investors will ask for them – do you know what they are? Do you have then available at all times, are you solidly prepared for due diligence, are you in a position to secure investment?  Email me at to get the list.

Then get your due diligence folder ready and keep it current.   


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