As an experienced CFO, Mindy brought perspective to our financial process in a way that can help you in the future. She helped us achieve clarity of cash flow and budgetary constraints while going through our entire company and asking the hard questions. I should have hired her sooner!

Jeff Charette, CEO, Menuat 

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Leadership – The Importance of Leading Your Mental Health First

Leadership – The Importance of Leading Your Mental Health First  I love people. I always have. And I am sure I always will. That being said, once I became a leader of an organization, one of the most difficult things for me to grasp was that my team, made up of colleagues who previously would join me for lunch or socialize after work hours, no longer seemed to want to… | Read the full article »

Cybersecurity – It’s Not Just a “Big Business” Problem

Cybersecurity – It’s Not Just a “Big Business” Problem  Cybersecurity is a word we’ve all become entirely too familiar with. It seems that we can’t turn on the news without hearing about another story of a company being hacked, its information stolen, and, in certain instances, its data being held for ransom. And despite what… | Read the full article »

The High Cost of Poor Leadership

We talk a lot about leadership and how strong leadership is required for success in any organization. Strong leaders guide the company and the team along the mission-paved path, leading to the alluring vision of what the company will be one day. Strong leaders are confident enough to help grow skills in others without being… | Read the full article »

Weathering the Storm – Preparing Your Business for Disaster Recovery

Weathering the Storm Preparing Your Business for Disaster Recovery  Many of us, myself included, operate businesses in the state of Florida. That being said, hurricane season is as much a part of our annual routines as tax season. From June 1st to November 1st each year, Floridians listen to the warnings, watch the forecasts and projected… | Read the full article »

The Importance of Storytelling when Pitching Investors

Once Upon a Time … The Importance of Storytelling when Pitching Investors  Think back to one of your most memorable experiences. At its foundation was likely a great story. It may have been your own or it could have been someone else’s, but a connection was made. You probably remember how you felt, where you were, maybe even a scent or what you were wearing. That’s what stories do – they connect… | Read the full article »

Acquisition Integration – After the Ink Dries

Acquisition Integration – After the Ink Dries The “3 Ps” of Integration  Last week, we talked about defining your corporate strategy, and that oftentimes, those strategies include acquisitions of other entities for your company to grow to the next level. Whether it’s to streamline operations, introduce new products or services, or both, many companies define their… | Read the full article »

Defining Your Corporate Development Strategy

Defining Your Corporate Development Strategy How to Navigate from Where You Are to Where You Want to Go Typically, when you get into your car, you have a destination. You’re going somewhere and you know how to get there (or you have your smartphone or navigation to help you along the way). You don’t get… | Read the full article »

Raising Capital – Developing the Right Rolodex/Contact List 

Finding the right investor, who is interested in your company and you, begins long before you actually may need money. Preparations include thinking about businesses that investors want to invest in and then modeling yours accordingly, maintaining up to date financial data, and building a strong consumer base. Once you’ve made the decision to search… | Read the full article »

The Check is in the Mail – How E-Payments Render that Saying Obsolete

The Check is in the MailHow E-Payments Render that Saying Obsolete  If you’re like me, you probably can’t remember the last time you heard “the check is in the mail” with any seriousness. While it had been a fairly common sentiment for many years, with online banking, cash apps, Zelle, and more e-payment options materializing… | Read the full article »

The ABCs of Recruiting the C-Suite

True leaders know they are as only as strong as the team they build around them. To that end, hiring not only the most qualified, but also the most compatible C-Suite executives with whom to strategize and collaborate on the future of the company is invaluable.  Recruiting the right person at this level differs significantly… | Read the full article »