As an experienced CFO, Mindy brought perspective to our financial process in a way that can help you in the future. She helped us achieve clarity of cash flow and budgetary constraints while going through our entire company and asking the hard questions. I should have hired her sooner!

Jeff Charette, CEO, Menuat 

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Business Challenges Signaling the Need for a CFO

Business Challenges Signaling the Need for a CFO  Businesses will inevitably face various challenges, particularly as they grow. At times, the owner or CEO struggles with even identifying the root cause of the challenge, let alone understanding what solutions are available. And more often than not, the causes of those challenges can be found in… | Read the full article »

The Quiet Quitting Trend

The Quiet Quitting Trend How to Turn a Potential Financial Loss into a Potential Gain  Whether you’re on Twitter or TikTok or have simply turned on the news lately, you’ve likely heard of the phrase “quiet quitting.” For those unfamiliar, “quiet quitting” is a re-branding of sorts of the prior “coasting” mentality. This reboot seems to… | Read the full article »

Financial Roles 101

Financial Roles 101 Constructing Your Financial Dream Team  The various financial roles of a company can be confusing to some and overwhelming to others, especially for those just starting out in business. You may be asking yourself—What exactly is the difference between an accountant and a CFO? Aren’t they the same thing because both deal with… | Read the full article »

Managing an Underperforming Team

Managing an Underperforming Team  It’s no surprise that a company will only ever be as strong as the people in it. Strong teams that collaborate, communicate and possess a strong drive and passion can help propel the company to new levels of growth and success. However, an underperforming team can have quite the opposite effect,… | Read the full article »

Five Mistakes to Avoid in Your Pitch Deck

Five Mistakes to Avoid in Your Pitch Deck  When looking to secure funding for your business, there is no greater asset than a winning pitch deck (and maybe a winning smile!). Pitch decks are your one chance to make a great first impression on potential investors and to position your business favorably at the same… | Read the full article »

Recession Proofing Your Business

Recession Proofing Your Business Hoping for the Best, Preparing for the Worst  Recessions are a normal part of the economy. In fact, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research, they occur more than most people want to believe, averaging once every six years. And many are thinking that we are heading for one soon.  As… | Read the full article »

Taking Strategy from Paper to Execution

Taking Strategy from Paper to Execution   In any organization, a significant amount of time and energy is spent on strategy (or at least it should be). Questions including where the organization wants to go and how it will get there are contemplated, and answers developed, in order to move forward. Yet, any plan without… | Read the full article »

Eight Ways a CEO Can Support the CFO

Eight Ways a CEO Can Support the CFO  We talked last week about an important relationship in the C-Suite – the relationship between the CFO and COO, and specifically, how it can impact a company’s operational strategies. This week, I’d like to focus on the relationship between the CFO and CEO. While there are countless… | Read the full article »

At the Intersection of Finance and Operations

At the Intersection of Finance and Operations  Navigating the Relationship Between the CFO and COO   We’ve talked extensively about the relationship between the CFO and CEO—the give and take, the benefits of collaboration, and the impacts of a strong connection between the two. In fact, that relationship is generally the only one anyone talks… | Read the full article »

A Shifting Economy Means Shifting Valuations

A Shifting Economy Means Shifting Valuations  The economy underwent a huge transformation as the country adjusted to a new way of life according to the unwritten rules of a worldwide pandemic. And just when we thought things might start to settle down, it is shifting again. For companies and investors, one of the most significant… | Read the full article »