As an experienced CFO, Mindy brought perspective to our financial process in a way that can help you in the future. She helped us achieve clarity of cash flow and budgetary constraints while going through our entire company and asking the hard questions. I should have hired her sooner!

Jeff Charette, CEO, Menuat 

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Is it Time for a System Update?

Is it Time for a System Update? Advancing Technology is Requiring Business Owners to Consider Options  So much of business, and life, has changed. Much of that change has to do with reacting to the pandemic and its resulting disruption to normal business practices. Still other changes have been brought about by our own internal shifting… | Read the full article »

Is Your Idea Worth Investing In?

Every year, entrepreneurs spend countless hours planning and preparing for the perfect investor pitch. They research, practice, and pick apart every piece of their idea and/or business to find success in the form of an investment to propel them to the next level. However, all of this time spent preparing and practicing can be futile… | Read the full article »

Growing Wealth … It’s Not Just for Companies

Growing Wealth … It’s Not Just for Companies What We Can Take from the Office  When you’ve been acting in some type of CFO capacity for as long as I have, you can’t help it—growth strategies, numbers, maximizing revenue, minimizing expenses, and leadership are a part of your DNA. And that DNA stays with you whether… | Read the full article »

Beyond the Numbers – More Than Ever, CFOs Need a Strategic Mindset

Beyond the Numbers – More Than Ever, CFOs Need a Strategic Mindset  I don’t think anyone would doubt the importance of the CFO role (or at least I hope they wouldn’t!). But what many don’t understand is the magnitude of this role’s transformation over the past several years. It’s not just about financials. And it’s… | Read the full article »

Knowing Your Worth – The Value of Executive Coaching

Knowing Your Worth The Value of Executive Coaching  Last week, we spoke about mentorship and the important role mentors can play in someone’s personal and professional development. It seemed appropriate that this week, we dive into another crucially important role – an executive coach.   The world of executive coaching has undergone a staggering increase in popularity… | Read the full article »

Beyond the Numbers: Mentorship in Finance

Beyond the Numbers: Mentorship in Finance  We all strive to be successful. And in our effort to do so, many of us spend time on professional development. We use the tools and resources available to us, we invest in continuing education, and we download the latest apps all in an effort to help us be… | Read the full article »

The Top 3 Tips to Increase Your Team’s Financial Literacy this April

The Top 3 Tips to Increase Your Team’s Financial Literacy this April  Financial literacy is an essential skill for navigating the worlds of both personal and business finance. However, many Americans have not received proper financial education, if any at all, leaving them extremely vulnerable to the pitfalls that can occur when one lacks requisite… | Read the full article »

How Remote Work is Influencing Financial Recruiting and Retention Strategies

Over the past few years, we have learned that we are entirely more adaptable than we ever thought possible. We’ve learned that we can not only survive, but actually thrive in extreme disruption. And much of that adaptation and success is based on the ability to work remotely.   Today, remote work has become a priority… | Read the full article »

Inflation is About More than Higher Prices for CFOs

Inflation is About More than Higher Prices for CFOs  Go to any grocery store, restaurant, hotel, or gas station and it’s clear that 2022 is giving new meaning to the word inflation. In fact, inflation in the United States has soared to its highest point in 40 years. Between the supply chain disruptions, labor shortages,… | Read the full article »

Cash Plus Cultural Literacy

Cash Plus Cultural Literacy  What Private Equity Needs in Lower Middle Market Deals   Last year was a record year for private equity. With pandemic related stimulus, there was an increase in dealmaking and exits, as well as new records in deal values. But the drastic increase in inflation, along with extensive supply chain disruptions throughout the… | Read the full article »