Signs You Have Your Head in the Sand!

Do you have your head in the sand – have you ignored my advice about being prepared for the Florida hurricane season?  Here are critical items you should consider now that will help you keep your head out of the sand by being prepared.

Hurricane Preparedness for Your Business

The good news:’s Hurricane Central reports a less active hurricane season than originally expected.  The bad news: despite the fact that it’s been nearly a year since Irma ravaged the Florida coast, some business professionals have yet to take steps to be prepared.

Review this checklist to determine if you need to get your head out of the sand:

  • A disaster recovery plan that includes a phone tree, so critical information is communicated to employees.
  • A list of critical business tasks that must take place during the awful transition time when your employees have evacuated and you cannot get back in your office.
  • Sufficient cloud storage and back up of important business documents. Those who worked in the Wells Fargo building downtown Jacksonville – a 37 story skyscraper – were unable to get into the building for more than 2 weeks, causing many businesses to suffer.
  • Secure a line of credit or other back up cash to help you lease temporary office space and pay employees during a time you may not be able to generate revenue.
  • Review your insurance policies to determine what type of coverage you have. Once a hurricane is on its way you cannot secure certain types of coverage.

Barker Associates has the “C” level strategic breadth and depth of experience, with a proven track record of solving problems. We can assist you in determining effective solutions that will endure through potential disasters.

Contact us for your free 30-minute consultation today at or 904.394.2913. 

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